The history of the estate

Towards the beginning of the twentieth century Mr. Vergnol bought this farm. Thanks to his children he developed the farm, but it was his son Pierre who, while leading his pilot career, enlarged and improved the buildings. Thanks to a family, he exploited the vineyard. In 2004, he sold the estate to the count and countess of Suryau. The count modernized the cellar and enlarged the plantation to 14 hectares, he ensured its exploitation thanks to his cellar master Nicolas Lamathe.
At that time Les Terrasses produced very great wines served in all the great restaurants of Périgord under the name of Château des Terrasses. In 2008, he sold the property to a young couple who had the merit of converting the estate to organic, it became "Le Clos des Terrasses". We took over the property in early 2019. After reflection, we decided to leave the Bergerac appellation and continue in Wine of France under the name "Les Pilliers des Terrasses".

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